Molix Swimming Dragonfly




Molix Swimming Dragonfly 3.5" - Qty 8

The awesome Molix Swimming Dragonfly Worm/Creaturebait has to be the closest dragonfly imitation on the market. This special little floating lure features double thickness flaps to enhance buoyancy coupled with the heavy density plastic to increase movement and durability. 

Ideal when paired with the highly effective Molix Nano Jig. Also suitable on a Ned Rig, using the super sharp Eagle Claw Pro V Finesse jig heads in size 1/0 or 2/0, the Ned rig, with buoyant lure will stand up on the bottom enticing fish in to feed! Try it on a Cheburashka rig, Texas and Carolina, Drop Shot, Neko and about any other rig you can think of for soft plastic lure fishing. A truly unique and versatile fish catching lure, proven for bass by Mike Iaconelli and now making it's name in perch fishing here in UK and Europe. 

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