Molix Sligo 4"




Molix Sligo 4", 10cm - Qty 10

Molix have opened a new window into the world of “finesse” fishing with this latest custom soft worm lure, the Sligo. This is an extremely versatile little lure that can be used Wacky Rigged, Neko Rigged, Drop Shot, Texas and Carolina and many with more popular predator fishing techniques. The Sligo is enhanced with ultra-fine salt crystals and infused amino-acid scent which encouraged fish to hang onto the lure longer allowing you to set the hook. The extremely thin tail fin and fat body create an enticing natural motion with the slightest movement of the rod tip or a little current, driving perch, bass, zander and many more predator fish species wild!

Have a look at the Sligo in the video below, rigged as a trailer on the new Molix Nano Jig, another popular application for this versatile lure:


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