Molix Real Thing Shad 2.8"




Molix Real Thing (RT) Shad 2.8", 7cm - Qty 6

The Molix RT Shad is a highly realistic swimbait, perfect for mimicking smaller baitfish, making an appealing appetizer for any predator fish in the water. Built with a hydrodynamic profile and a big paddle tail, it produces a very realistic swimming action and a subtle side to side body roll on a steady retrieve that drives fish crazy. The RT Shad Swimbait is a great option for a small jig head, Cheburashka Rig and even on a Drop Shot for when the bite is tough.

Made from a soft high-density blend of plastic allowing the RT Shad Swimbait to produce ultra lifelike action at any retrieve speed, its advanced construction also allows it to withstand multiple aggressive fish strikes. Match the hatch with the wide, lifelike range of baitfish patterns. The Molix RT Shad Swimbait will quickly become a staple in your lure box. 


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