Molix Pike Spinnerbait 1 oz.(28g.) Willow Tandem Colardo.




Molix Pike Spinnerbait 1 oz.(28g.) Willow Tandem Colorado.

The Pike Spinnerbait is in fact made in 1,2mm harmonic steel with a 6/0 hook in order to assure the highest staying power during the fight thus avoiding unpleasant surprises.
The body is combined with a sizable silicone skirt with crystal flash fibres along the bottom part, which increase the brilliance and the vitality thus stimulating the senses of the predator.

The bait is available in two weights sizes: 1oz (28gr) and 1,1/2oz (42gr); and 5 great colors from the Natural Pike tone to the Loud Jamaika, each one with 3 different blade combination to guarantee the best possible solution to all your needs and utilization 30 possible combinations !!!
In fact you can opt for the single Colorado version, the double Colorado, or the tandem Willow, each one with big size blades and colors incorporated into the bait, where the final result is a comprehensive lure with great presence.

The blade rotation is enhanced by a quality ball bearing swivel to guarantee the max rotation even when used with very slow retrieves.

This feature, together with the flat base of the pike shaped head, makes the Pike Spinnerbait a great deep water performer when worked through Grass and timber structures. A truly versatile lure with great blade vibration that will draw the attention of any predator even in muddy waters. With-out questions a bait that every pike fisherman must have !!

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