Molix Lover 3 Blade Spinnerbait - 1/2oz




Molix Lover 3 Blade Spinnerbait, 14g 1/2oz - Qty 1

This unique lure with 3 blades was developed by world-class Elite Series angler, Mike "Ike" Iaconelli, the revolutionary Molix Lover Spinnerbait delivers a patent-pending triple blade configuration for maximum underwater vibration and flash. Built with a custom tri-wire form, the Lover Spinnerbait is outfitted with premium ball bearing swivels and three super-bright willow blades that generate a shimmering presence.

Constructed with an amazing level of detail, the head of the Lover Spinnerbait does much more than just attract fish, it also keeps the entire rig perfectly balanced with all retrieve speeds. Fitted with a premium skirting and a rubber skirt keeper, the Lover Spinnerbait offers highly individualised design that will catch unsuspecting fish and the competition off-guard. The triple blade design also makes this lure very weedless so can get you right into where those fish are hiding. 



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