Molix Jugulo Wide Casting Jig - 10g



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Molix Jugulo Wide Casting Jig 4.5cm, 10g - Qty 1

The Molix Jugulo Wide Jig baitfish shaped metal jig designed for many modern spinning and the ultra light jigging techniques in salt and fresh water. Swimming is erratic and natural, the wide slim profile of the jig allows a slow falling and fluttering action. Whenever there are small baitfish around, predators will hone in on these little metals. The Jugulo Wide is made of high quality materials and paints, finished with a UV coating. Equipped with a super sharp, stainless treble hook and dressed assist hook, which adds a bit of sparkle and extra attraction as this lure darts and flutters through the water column. Cast it, jig it, fast and slow, these lures will catch you a vast array of freshwater and saltwater predators.

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