Molix Freaky Flex 3"




Molix Freaky Flex 3", 7.5cm - Qty 6

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"Best Imitation of Cray Fish I ever used." - Tomasz on Apr 03, 2021

The brand new UV Active Molix Freaky Flex is a small creature that perfectly combines the realistic details with specialised plastics and functionality. This special little lure is intended mainly for use on a Ned Jig Head for the popular technique known as Ned Rigging.

The Freaky Flex is built from a newly formulated phtahlate free, UV Active plastic material, developed by the design team at Molix HQ. This material ensures an extremely soft and flexible lure that floats, stretches, is extremely hard wearing and resistant to cutting and breaking. In addition, these lures are impregnated with salt and a shrimp scent. The soft appendages create micro vibrations during the swimming action which, combined with the floating characteristics of the material, ensures the lure stands up on the bottom when rigged on the awesome OMTD T-Genius Weedless Tungsten Ned Head or use the more traditional Eagle Claw Pro V Finesse Ned Jig Head, presenting it perfectly to hungry predators, particularly perch and zander.  The Freaky Flex can also be used on a typical ball jig head such as the SPRO Gamakatsu Jig 22, a Drop Shot hook or weedless rigged on an offset hook using the popular Texas or Carolina rigging system. For a bit more "creature" in your presentation, rig it on one of the awesome Molix Nano Jigs. A very versatile lure that is due to take the lure fishing world by storm upon release towards the end of June. 

Mixed Pack 1 Contents: Green Pumpkin, White Shad, Watermelon Silver Shad, Alewife Laminate, Wakasagi, Gold Ayu

Mixed Pack 2 Contents: Black Blue Flake, Cola, Watermelon Gold Chart, Chartreuse, Orange Pumpkin, Watermelon Red Black Flake

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