Mitchell MX9 Spin FD Spinning Reel

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Mitchell MX9 Spin FD (Front Drag) Spinning Reel

What our customers are saying:

"MX9 OR MX6"

"I've had a Mitchell Mx9 in size 2500 for about 18 months now and cant fault it, its ultra light at 150g and real smooth. It looks good too. I use it on my Westin W3 Dropshot rod and occasionally my Greys GR50+ ul lure rod. I was looking for something for my grandsons dropshot setup so wanted to go small and light i would have gone for the MX9 but its a bit over budget at £160 so looked at the Mitchell MX6, its still a good looking reel but the 2500 comes in at 213g so went for the smaller 2000 size which at 176g is still heavier than the MX9 but not over heavy. The price difference makes it worth the compromise at £80 its half the price of the MX9. I suppose its down to engineering and materials. I must admit, the MX9 does feel far superior and still as smooth as the day i bought it, but you get what you pay for and im more than satisfied with mine. It's handled many a lump of a perch and a double figure pb Zander so cant grumble.
We will see how the MX6 performs in the coming months. It will be paired with a Greys GR50 UL lure rod and used for dropshot on a kayak. Im loading it with spiderwire stealth smooth x8 braid, which i have used for a couple of years and absolutely love it".

Phil Nichol on Dec 16, 2020

The Mitchell MX9 Front Drag spinning reel delivers lightweight handling and great durability thanks to quality materials. The lightweight, magnesium body, rotor and side plate are protected with proprietary 3 step coating to provide corrosion resistance and durability. Its solid titanium main shaft is strong and light. Carbon handle with EVA knob is lighter than comparable Mitchell aluminium handles. This flagship spinning reel sets new standards in Mitchell reel design and thanks to its extremely low weight it will keep you going strong all day long!


  • 10 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings - Corrosion resistant
  • High performance, shielded, and friction reducing bearings
  • Feather light Magnesium Body and Rotor technology
  • CNC Machined aluminium main gear - Precision manufacturing for smoothness and durability
  • Slow Oscillation for excellent line management
  • Skeletonized Spool design for balance and low weight
  • Fully sealed Carbon Drag - self-lubricating, smooth
  • Carbon Handle - Lighter than aluminium
  • Carbon Arbor - Lightweight hybrid carbon and aluminium spool design 
  • Titanium Main Shaft - Reduces weight
  • Durable titanium-coated line roller


  • Gear Ratio: 5.2:1
  • Max Drag lb: 2500 = 8lb/3.6kg. 3000 = 10lb/4.5kg. 3500 = 14lb/6.3kg
  • Mono Capacity yd/lb: 2500 = 230/2 110/4 90/6. 3000 = 140/4 120/6 90/8. 3500 = 180/6 140/8 110/10
  • Mono Capacity m/mm: 2500 = 210/0.13 100/0.20 80/0.23. 3000 = 130/0.20 110/0.23 80/0.25. 3500 = 165/0.23 130/0.25 100/0.28
  • Braid Capacity yd/lb: 2500 =150/4 110/6 90/8. 3000 = 3000 = 150/6 115/8 90/10. 3500 = 200/8 150/10 110/14
  • Weight: 2500 = 150g. 3000 = 175g. 3500 = 207g
  • Retrieve Rate: 2500 = 62cm. 3000 = 69cm. 3500 = 73cm
  • Colour: Blue Silver
  • Instant Anti-Reverse
  • Drag Material
  • Carbon Fibre



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