Missile Bomb Shot 10cm

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Missile Bomb Shot 10cm, 4" - Qty 15

Missile Baits has dropped a bomb into drop shot world, the Missile Baits Bomb Shot Worm is one of the most deadly and effective drop shot worms ever created. Inspired by the highly successful Missile Baits D Bomb, the Missile Baits Bomb Shot Worm features a fully ribbed body and a super thin paddle tail that produces an undulating action with the slightest movement from the rod tip. Once in the water, you'll struggle to stop this lure from shimmying and quivering!

The Bomb Shot Worm is also molded with a solid head, which makes it great for traditional Jig fishing, or Texas & Carolina rigging for those times when you need a more weedless presentation. Perch, zander and bass... beware of the irresistible action and bite sized shape of the Missile Baits Bomb Shot Worm. 

Rig it on a #2-4 Trokar Dropshot hook, or an EWG Offset Hook, sizes 1/0 - 2/0.



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