MegaStrike Attractant Scent Gel

Mega Strike


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MegaStrike Attractant Scent Gel - Approx 56g

MegaStrike Attractant Scent is comprised of the proper balance of Amino Acids and proteins to make the fish strike, hold onto and consume it. MegaStrike research indicates that fish need to consume specific amino acids and proteins to survive. MegaStrike is scientifically formulated to work in conjunction with the fishes Chemo receptors and Olfactory Glands using the exact combination of the fishes life yielding provisions.

Gel as opposed to sprays and liquids... and particularly Megastrike, STAYS on your lure for a much longer time than you'd expect!


Just put a little dab on your fingertips and run it down your worms, jigs, spinnerbaits etc. You will find a little goes a long way. When applying to rubber skirts, rub it through the skirt then pull the ends to get the action back.

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