Megabass Rock Hog 3 Inch

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Megabass Rock Hog 3" 7.6cm, 3.5g - Qty 6

The pair of front fins on the ROCK HOG generate vivid flapping action. The tight pitch of the flapping drives bottom dwellers up from the sea floor, luring deep creatures for a bite. Meanwhile, the chevron-shaped ribs and spatulate body amplify the surface area cutting through the water. Exhibiting full-body traction, the ROCK HOG responds to even the most subtle shifts in tide, enabling precise control of motion. The high-volume silhouette has superb castability, imitating the miniature squid and octopus favoured by large bottom dwellers. The perfect choice for chasing lunker size rockfish, this irresistible brush hog is ready for the water.

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