Lurefans Super Rattlesnake SR45 - 4.5cm

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Lurefans Super Rattlesnake SR45 4.5cm, 10.3g - Qty 1

The Lurefans Super Rattlesnake is one of their top selling blade baits, offering all the vibration of a typical vibe lure with the added benefit of the Willow Blade spinning tail for added flash and attraction. This is a hard vibrating blade bait, which is a variant of a original Rattlesnake. With 2 x connection holes on top, you can tie on or connect your Fastach Snap, ideal for this lure to the front hole for shallower, cast and retrieve style fishing and the back hole if you want a more vertical, deeper retrieve. Try the Original Rattlesnake without the additional willow blade spinning tail for a more subtle approach. Fitted with the lethally sharp BKK Treble Hooks.

Another one of the lures featured in Perch Pro 2020, helping Team Lurefans/Bit Of Bleak to achieve some superb results.

Blades are superb for casting due to their aerodynamic design and relative weight to size ratio. However they are also ideal for vertical jigging, as they drop super fast and can be fished very deep. This is a highly versatile lure for shallow and deep water fishing!



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