Lurefans Rumour 11cm Deep Running Jerkbait - R110

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Lurefans Rumour Deep Running Jerkbait, 11cm 13g - Low Floating, Running Depth 2.5-3m

Lurefans Rumor 110 is a one of a kind jerkbait, or some may call a crankbait. The Rumour 110 has unique jerkbait action, designed for fishing deeper water. With the addition of open "Gill Plates", this lure is perfectly balances by the flow of air and water through it's body. This causes added turbulence under water and a bubble trail when twitched on the surface, perfectly mimicking a dying baitfish, whilst creating a perfect suspending action. Equipped with the lethally sharp BKK Treble Hooks.

With rattles incorporated and a sliding ball / long cast system, this lure is perfect for casting on those windy days whether targeting bass, pike, big perch, zander or any other predator species. Perfectly finished scale patter with large, realistic eyes, this is a must have for all jerkbait enthusiasts. 



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