Lurefans Rattlesnake Lipless Crankbait - R65




Lurefans Rattlesnake Lipless Crankbait R65, 6.5cm 14g - Qty 1

The Rattlesnake 65 from Lurefans is a lipless crankbait with a difference. With the added attraction of tail feathers on the hooks and open "Gill Plates" to allow air and water to pass through, causing more disturbance and vibration. Add to that the strategically placed ball bearings, creating a low frequency rattle, balancing the lure and enabling long casting, this lure really does set the standard. Equipped with the sharpest hooks we've ever doscovered in the BKK Hooks.

With many "Blade Baits" and Ice Jigs etc being banned on many of the UK's reservoirs containing trout, this is the perfect alternative, as hybrid of a blade and crankbait. Available in an array of bright, dark and natural fish catching patterns, cast it, drop it straight down, troll it, you choose, either way those wary predators are going to find this lure with all its bells and whistles very hard to resist. 



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