Lurefans Bigeye Viper Lipless Crankbait - V55

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Lurefans Bigeye Viper Lipless Crankbait, 5.5cm 11.5g - Qty 1

Lurefans has built the perfectly balanced lipless crankbait and we are proud to be stocking these stylish lures. 

This lure casts like bullet, so makes a good cast and retrieve lure, but also great for vertical jigging to cover the whole water column. With many "Blade Baits" and Ice Jigs etc being banned on many of the UK's reservoirs, this is the perfect alternative, as hybrid of a blade and a crankbait. Equipped with the lethally sharp BKK Treble Hooks

Available in an array of bright, dark and natural fish catching patterns, cast it, drop it straight down, troll it, you choose... either way, those predator fish like perch,  pike, zander and bas better watch out, the Viper 55 is coming for you! 

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