Lurefans Excavator - E50

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Lurefans Excavator Floating 5cm, 12.5g. Running Depth 2.5m - Qty 1

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"Very sharp hook, build quality is amazing. Chub and perch love them." - Kieran on Sep 05, 2021

This superb crankbait from Lurefans is a medium sized, fast diving crankbait with excellent casting properties, due to the internal sliding ball bearing, moving to the tail in the cast then settling in the belly on the retrieve maintaining perfect balance in the lure. The Excavator 50 is buoyant, so that it can be used to target the first 2.5-3m of the water column effectively, cranking it down to maximum depth and slowing down or stopping allowing it to float to the surface, drawing those fish up from below. Once on the surface, the lure is can be fished with short rod twitches imparting a dying fish action, diving down, side to side and creating a disturbance that is bound to get the attention of hungry predators such as perch, trout, chub and pike. Equipped with the razor sharp BKK Treble Hooks so you are going to miss very few strikes. 

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