Lurefans Doublekill 4cm - DK4




Lurefans DK4, Doublekill 4cm, 8g - Qty 1

This awesome little sinking lipless crank is like nothing we (or the fish!) have seen before. The Lurefans DK4 is a new and innovative bait to the European market.  The DK4 is the little brother of the DK7 that featured strongly in Perch Fight 2019. With numerous rattle and a tight, blade like action, this lure has the potential to catch fish that no other lure can. Equipped with the sharpest hooks we've ever doscovered in the BKK Hooks.

Perfect for searching out fish in both shallow and deeper waters, with it's rapid sink and aggressive action, perch, pike, zander, bass and pretty much any fish with an appetite will find this little beauty hard to resist. 

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