Lurefans Cunning Cub 5cm - CC50

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Lurefans CC-50 Cunning Cub 50mm shallow diving crankbait lure is the result of almost two years development. Focus was on action quality and stability, castability, and maximum efficiency on the widest range of fish species. It is a slow sinking crankbait which suits finesse fishing applications. Fitted with the lethally sharp BKK Treble Hooks, with a few feathers whipped on for added attraction and to give the lure more stability on the retrieve.  

Fishing with lures is a progressive process, during which a personalised fishing style gradually appears as anglers’ accumulate experience and perfect fishing skills. As such the quantity of lures they carry when fishing changes, ranging from preparing a lot of lures as a new hand to only carrying a small box of lures or even only a few lures as an experienced angler. Those lures always selected by experienced fishermen convey every angler’s confidence and tactical understanding. Proven on over 3 dozen fish species, Lurefans CC-50 Lure is a must for an experienced anglers tackle-box!

Lure Design Features:

  • Unique 'peanut body' that is irresistible to most fish species
  • Patented insertion lip design
  • Quality stainless steel fittings and dressed BKK treble hook
  • Realistic individualised left and right eyes
  • Proven fish producing colour patterns
  • Exceptional detail for realistic bait presentation

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