Lurefans Baby Snake X50 - 5cm

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Lurefans Baby Snake X50 5cm, 7.5g - Qty 1

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"This lure has become one of my top 3 go to lures for catching perch, the vibration from the lure can be felt all the way up through the rod.
This is a must buy product." - Gavin Moyce on Sep 02, 2021

The Lurefans company has expanded since the 2007 start of the spinning market, truly unique lures, which represent a remarkably high quality, combined with a favorable price.

The X50 Blade is an elongated body wobbler built along the foundations of the highly successful vertical series. The 5 cm version is the smallest member of the Baby Snake series, which is a universally usable piece, even a super variant for catching perch and balini. The idea for the bait itself comes from American perch anglers, but predators in domestic waters, outside of perch, also respond well to these types. Fitted with the lethally sharp BKK Treble Hooks that are needle-pointed, making it easy to pierce and retain the predator's mouth during fatigue.

Perfect for lakes and rivers . During towing, an interesting vibration characterizes its movement, and due to its appearance, it even provides some extra stimuli with its color under water. It is worth pulling back, often surprising bites can be achieved with them at this stage.

Uniquely designed metal bait that can be an interesting member of the spinning bags.

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