Lunkerhunt Weedless Mushroom Ned Head Jig Size #2 - 7g



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Lunkerhunt Weedless Mushroom Ned Head Jigs Size #2 Long Shank Hook, 7g (1/4oz) - Qty 4

Lunkerhunt Weedless Mushroom Head Jigs are great for soft plastics, especially Lunkerhunt Finesse Baits. They are built around a premium, 90 degree, black nickel bait keeper hook that securely holds plastics in place. The nose of the jig is rounded and has weight forward engineering that lifts plastics upright when sitting on the bottom, but pendulums around to create a horizontal presentation on the retrieve. Try them rigged with the awesome Molix Stick Flex, (pictured) or the brand new 6th Sense Ned Fry for the perfect NED presentation! 

The single wire weedguard offers great protection against snagging and can be bent and adjusted to the level of "weedlessness" required for each individual circumstance. Cast your Ned Lure confidently into structure, or lower the weedguard in open water to increase hook up ratio. Topped off with a razor-sharp hook that provides lightning fast hooks sets, the Lunkerhunt Weedless Mushroom Head is the perfect jighead for any of your favourite small swimbaits, worms, craws, or creatures. 

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