Lunker City Fin-S Fish 5.75"

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Lunker City Fin-S Fish 5.75" Qty 8

The Fin-S Fish® has been part of the Lunker City line up since the mid-eighties. In recent years, it's fish catching abilities and its popularity with anglers have prompted a number of manufacturers to blatantly copy the Fin-S Fish® - BUT none of the copies can come close to matching Lunker City's original in fish catching action or in color patterns that capture the appearance of various baitfish species.

The Fin-S can be used on the lead head jig on wide gap/offset hooks or drop shot, finesse rigs or as a jerkbait with belly weighted hooks. The latter works particularly well with the slightly larger models in shallow waters, over water lilies or even if the bait is to be performed on sight. In recent years, these lures have proven a favourite among the zander fishermen, coupled with a heavy VMC jig.

Also available in 4 inch and 7 inch

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