LMAB Tungsten Jika Sinkers

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LMAB Tungsten Jika Sinker Weights

The Jika sinker, originally designed to be fished as a weight on an offset hook has become SO much more in recent years!! The Fastach system makes for such quick easy adaptation to the conditions. The Jika weight is made from high density tungsten and offers the best sinking properties and optimal feedback on the soil conditions.  The workmanship is perfectly executed and the hanging system is made of sturdy stainless steel wire.  This allows the weights on the Jika rig to be replaced at lightning speed.  In addition, the relatively open fastening spiral ensures the optimal freedom of movement of the bait for even more play. The paint is kept in inconspicuous matt black, so that the bait itself remains in the focus of the fish.  The corresponding weight is printed on each Jika sinker so that there is no doubt about the weight being mounted when used on the water.  In addition to the function of the Jika rig, this weight can also be used perfectly to weigh shallow rigs and large pike swimbaits if they are to be offered in deeper water layers.  Here, the compact dimensions of the tungsten weights pay off in full, as they affect the bait run much less quickly than more voluminous lead weights.  Of course, the #LMAB Tungsten Jika Sinker are completely lead-free and therefore non-toxic.  A versatile product of excellent quality.

The #LMAB Tungsten Jika Sinker Matt Black at a glance;

  • Best tungsten material 
  • Solid hanger made from stainless steel wire
  • Extremely high density
  • Extra compact shape
  • Matt black printed weight

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