LMAB Tungsten Cheburashka Sinkers - Fluorescent Green

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LMAB Tungsten Cheburashka Sinkers Fluorescent Green 

LMAB Tungsten Cheb Sinker Weights is a perfectly crafted ball made of high-density tungsten that quickly brings any bait to depth and offers optimal feedback from the nature of the water bottom.  The sturdy clamp made of stainless steel wire fits extremely precisely and does not jam in the weight, so that changing baits and switching to a different weight is child's play. In addition, the clamp remains in position and does not slide back and forth in the weight. The weight specifications are embossed on the weight, so there is no doubt about the selected Cheb weight in any situation. Like all #LMAB Tungsten products, the Tungsten Cheb Sinkers are completely lead-free and absolutely non-toxic.  If you are looking for the perfect Tungsten Cheburashka weights, you've found a hot candidate here. 


  • Best tungsten material 
  • Sturdy clamp made of stainless steel wire
  • Extremely high density
  • Extra compact shape

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