LMAB La Moustique Spinning Rod




LMAB La Moustique (Mosquito) Spinning Rod - 2 Piece

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The new  Ultra Light rod series from LMAB impresses with the most modern materials and components, ideal for all perch and trout anglers! The specially selected components resulted in a true flyweight, which, however, retains the upper hand even with fighting fish. The extremely light, highly modular, two-part 24-T blank made of full carbon, in conjunction with the 8 (or 9 for the 225cm models) stainless steel rod rings with ceramic inlays, ensures super-fast action and excellent bite detection. The rod also offers a robust backbone. The "mosquito" prefers to sting after perch and trout, while the perch rods from 1-7g and 2-10g are equipped with a solid tip tip. Thanks to the sensitive tip, the fish have less resistance when picking up the bait, which leads to fewer missed bites, especially with careful fish, and lets the angler feel every tiny bump or movement. The LM-S210SUL and LM-S210UL are best suited for trout anglers. Due to their continuous action, these parabolic rods are ideal for bringing even very light baits such as spoons over a long distance, for optimal bait absorption by the fish and around jumps by the salmonids cushion.  


The Ultralight Split Grip of La Moustique is made of high-quality EVA material for even finer bite detection and ensures optimal leverage with every throw.


8 (or 9 for the 225cm models) stainless steel two-legged rings made of ceramic were installed, which enable clean line guidance as well as excellent and very precise bait guidance. The three foremost rings have been specially built with noticeably bright windings to enable optimal bite detection even in complete darkness.


The extremely ultra-light, continuous up to the handle and two-part, highly modular 24-T blank made of full carbon, manufactured with modern winding technology, ensures a super sensitive tip with a strong and robust backbone at the same time.

Reel Seat

An extremely light and compact reel seat made of modern composite polymer with internal screw thread ensures excellent bite transmission and impresses with its superb robustness. 

  • Ultra-light as light as a feather from 78g dead weight
  • Optimal bite detection and playing fun thanks to the highly sensitive carbon blank
  • Modern, comfortable EVA split grip
  • 8 or 9 stainless steel rings with ceramic inlays (depending on the model)



Top action








Top action





 LM-S225ML   4-14g   Top action   2.25m   100 g   two-part   -


  7-21g   Top action   2.25m   109g   two-part   -


The mosquito bites!

The UL rod series from #LMAB impresses with high-quality and feather-light components at a fair price

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