LMAB Finesse Filet Craw 10cm

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LMAB Finesse Filet Craw 10cm, 8g - Qty 3

Since crabs can be found in more and more local waters, some of our predators have also shot at this food. It can therefore make sense to switch from the classic shad to an imitation crab and thus possibly catch one or the other perch / zander.

Our Finesse Filet Craw comes with flat but large scissors that start working with a slight pull. The small and fine legs provide additional micro-vibrations.

You can actually offer the Craw in any imaginable way. Easily plucked over the bottom of the water on the classic jig or offered in the "warning position" on the stand-up jig - the bites are usually very hard! ;-)

Our crab imitation also does a good job on finesse methods. The drop shot and Carolina rig in particular turned out to be very good. With both methods, the action takes place via the scissors, even if the bait is left standing a little.

In summer we can also recommend a combination of Chatterbait and Craw! The scissors flutter around wildly and act like an invitation to a boxing match - no wonder that the robbers are aggressive! ;-D


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