LMAB Finesse Filet 7cm




LMAB Finesse Filet 7cm, 1g - Qty 4

The FInese Filet from LMAB is an extremely thin bodied lure with a thicker head, creating a unique and very natural movement simulating a dying fish even with the slightest movement. With a wide profile, yet super thin plastic, this lure will attract fish big and small and will fold up into a predators mouth, better than any other lure out there ensuring better hook up ratios and more fish in the boat/on the bank! Thanks to the baits thicker head, the hook sits securely in place.

Rigged horizontal or vertical, this lure is perfect fished on a Drop Shot using a size #4 - #6 hook, but is also very effective on an EWG Hook, Texas & Carolina Rig style. Even use it on a standard or 2/0 Tip Up Jig Head 


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