LMAB Drunk Bait 8cm




LMAB Drunk Bait 8cm, 8G - Qty 6

The "drunk effect"  of the LMAB Drunk Baits is created by a very thin connection to a relatively large plate tail, which sends strong pressure waves at high frequency as a bite stimulus to the predatory fish. The unusual appearance and walking behavior of the "drunkies" can make all the difference, especially when the fishing pressure is high and the number of prey fish is high. The Drunk Bait with its 8cm was developed for pikeperch and perch fishing, but has also been able to tempt a number of pike, asp, catfish and even carp to bite.

With the colors "Curacao Cora" and "Bloody Mary", the first saltwater drunkies have been strengthening the range since September 2018. The white-blue dress of "Curacao Cora" is especially convincing in lagoon waters, but also in lakes with whitefish stocks, whereas "Bloody Mary" knows how to seduce cod and other saltwater inhabitants, but also works very well in cloudy fresh water.

  • Slim body Large paddle tail
  • “Drunk” action
  • Bright UV colours
  • Also suitable for saltwater applications
  • Ideal for perch, zander and pike

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