Køfi Plötze Roach 14cm




Køfi Plötze Roach 14cm, 28g - Qty 3

These realistic little roach imitations are going to take the UK Perch Fishing World by storm! Packed with a strong "fishy" scent, it really does smell like you have opened a tin of fish when you break the packaging open. The realistic design, strong scent and a super thin "wrist" leading to a round flat tail, creates a great swimming and rocking action that is sure to drive predator fish crazy! 

14cm is the Ideal size lure for pike and larger zander, even BIG perch, for the perfect zander lure, take a look at the 11cm Køfi Roach and for perch fishing, look no further than the smaller 7cm Køfi Roach.


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