Køfi Bleak Shad 6cm




Køfi Bleak Shad 6cm, 1g - Qty 6

After the success of the Pintail, LMAB have decided to make a paddle tail version. The slim bait shape is particularly suitable for perch and zander fishing. Even if the lure profile is rather narrow, the rubber compound is hard enough to hold firmly on the Jig Head, Size #2 being ideal. Great for weedless fishing on jig heads like the Decoy Decibo, Size #2 or even #3 Decoy Violence or a standard Offset EWG Hook in those sizes on a Carolina or Texas Rig. 

The round Paddle works steadily with a tight action, even on the drop and a very slow retrieve, giving the lure a very natural look. The small fins stabilize the bait and help give it a very realistic appearance in the water. 

If you are after something a little bigger, look no further than the Bleak Shad 9 and 12cm


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