Køfi Bleak Pintail 7cm




Køfi Bleak Pintail 7cm, 1g - Qty 5

The LMAB "bleak" from the KØFI series stands out a little with it's long soft pin-tail. In contrast to KØFI Perch and Roach, the pin tail is a "no-action" bait. The thin, tapered tail sends only minimal micro-vibrations and is ideal, for example, for vertical or dropshot fishing. The 7cm is ideal for drop shotting when you are chasing perch, but try the larger, 11cm and 15cm the perfect dropshot lure for pike, zander and larger perch. 

If you are after a Bleak profile with a little more action in the water, look at the Køfi Bleak Paddle Tail lures in 6 and 12cm.

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