Keitech Tungsten Mono Guard Weedless Jig Head Size 1/0

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Keitech Tungsten Mono Guard Weedless Jig Head Size 1/0

What our customers are saying:


"Perfect jig heads!
These jig heads are just about the best I've used for my Perch and Zander fishing.
Perfectly formed little tungsten heads and an effective single bristle for weedless fishing.
The bristle is very bendy, stopping the weed but never a problem when hooking fish.
Very sharp and they don't seem to rust either". - Dave Griffiths on Jan 09, 2018

The Tungsten Mono Guard Jigs from Keitech are particularly suitable finesse fishing, perch and trout. The hand-bonded MonoFiber Brush Guard allows nearly 100% snag-free fishing. The hooks of DECOY have a specially shaped thigh, which gives it additional load bearing capacity and guarantees a high bite yield. The small moulded bait holder/cuff holds the rubber bait securely in position whilst minimising damage to the lure.

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