Keitech Sexy Impact - 3.8"

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Keitech Sexy Impact, 3.8" 9.5cm, 3g - Qty 10

The Keitech 3.8" Sexy Impact is a slim rubber bait with a natural taper in the body and an enticing pin tail. The special shape allows this versatile soft plastic lure to be presented on various finesse rigs, such as Drop Shot Size #4 - 6, Texas & Carolina Offset Hook Size #4 - #2, standard Jig head, Size #2 - #1 and many more. The rubber mixture is specifically salted to the belly, giving it extra weight to keep the lure upright, with the top half the usual Keitech plastic, infused with their magic Squid Scent! Great for pelagic zander, big perch, pike and even try it weightless or on a jig head for bass. 

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