Keitech Rubber Jig Model 3 - Tungsten

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The Keitech Rubber Model 3 Swim Jig is a revolutionary Tungsten Swim Jig design that combines a custom Daiichi super strong weighted jig head with an exclusive SR-40 snap-on silicone skirt with a screw-in keeper.When combined, the jig and skirt provide perfect alignment and balance and become totally weedless. The Model III Swim Jig was designed for use with the 4.8 FAT Swing Impact. When used together it becomes the deadliest lure in your arsenal. The weedless design allows the angler to utilize various techniques without ever picking up another rod. Cast it and retrieve on shallow cover, Flip or pitch it directly at the target, probe weed beds. 

Have a look at the Model 1 and Model 2 jigs.

Keitech Model 3 Tungsten Swim Jig Features:
  • Tungsten head 30% smaller & harder than lead
  • Teardrop keel head slices through cover
  • SR-40 silicone hand tied on an exclusive snap screw keeper
  • Custom Keitech designed 5/0 Daiichi hook


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