Keitech Little Spider 3.5"

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Keitech Little Spider 3.5", 2.7g - Qty 5  

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"This is a review I am to minds to write as these little beauties are that good , fish them dropshot or on a small jig are your catch we out a doubt 😉" - Paul Parnell on Feb 27, 2020

Small baits produce big bites too! The Keitech Little Spider is the ultimate finesse creature bait, specifically for perch, zander and largemouth bass fishing. The Keitech Little Spider will excel on highly pressured bodies of water where a finesse approach is a must. Soft supple, salt impregnated rubber, with the same unique squid scent that Keitech has become famous for. 

Check out the brand new Keitech Hyper Spider available now. 

Pair the Little Spider with a tungsten Keitech Model 2 Skirted Jig and you have the perfect combination for a compact yet highly effective spider jig. Fish it on a traditional tungsten Jig Head in size #1 - 1/0, or fish it Texas & Carolina Rig style or a Nail Bomb Offset Jig, size #1 - #2. Also makes the perfect drop shot lure for those hungry predators like perch and Zander, we recommend a size #4 - #6 Drop Shot Hook

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