Keitech Flapper Grub 4"

Colour: Silver Shad
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Keitech Flapper Grub 4", 8.5cm, 6.5g - Qty 7

There is new "Flapper" in town! We have seen the Crazy Flapper, the Noisy Flapper, (don't say that if you have a lisp!) now we introduce the Flapper Grub from Keitech. This little 8.5cm grub is a flavored twister lure that uses its unique 2 dimensional curly tail to entice predators into attacking! The ribbed body is a very durable material, filled with scent and salt, with small lobes on the flat top and top of the flapper grub. The Flapper Grub is particularly well suited to be fished on 1/0 - 2/0 jig head in open water, or weedless as Texas & Carolina Rig using a 1/0 - 2/0 EWG Offset Hook a weedless jig head. Try it as a trailer rig on the popular Keitech Model 1 and 2 weedless, skirted jigs.

The rigging possibilities for this little soft plastic lure are endless and the perch will love them, as will zander, pike, zander, chub, largemouth bass etc etc!! 

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