Kanal Gratis M-WAR Monkey Rib - 9cm




Kanal Gratis M-WAR Monkey Rib 9cm, 6g - Qty 10

The Monkey Rib is another new soft plastic paddle tail lure in the M-WAR ”Standard Series”. We simply wanted something with a bigger profile and more movement that would be easier for the fish to find - ideal for muddy waters, dark conditions or simply when the fish are really active. Very similar to the popular Keitech Fat Swing Impact, but a whole lot cheaper!

The wide profile, ribbed body and big, yet slim paddle, gives this lure an aggressive swimming action that makes this a perfect compliment to the Monkey Shad which has a much more subtle profile and swimming action.

Rig it on a RoundUp Jig Head  or Stand Up 3/0 or 4/0 or for a weedless presentation, try the BFT Triple S 3/0 for deeper water, or the Decoy Makisasu belly weighted hook for shallow fishing.

Some tails may have small molding blemishes, but at under £5 for 10 highly effective lures, still great value as the action should not be affected. 

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