HTO Shore Assist Hooks

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HTO Shore Assist Hooks - Qty 2

Increase your hook up ratio with this small assist hook from HTO. Made from high-carbon steel, using an advanced heat treatment creates an ultra-strong structure to increase the hooks strength by up to 30%, making these hooks very strong for their size. An ultra-sharp hook point has been chemically sharpened using a three-stage process which removes less metal from the point, without affecting the sharpness of the hook. A black nickel finish protects the hook against rust. Fully rigged with strong braid and stainless steel ring. Fitted with lure flash fibres to increase the attraction of the jig it’s attached to. Add another hook to the HTO Tic Tac for better hook ups.

Scale: Top to bottom - #2, #3, #4, #7


  • Lure flash fibres for added attraction
  • Stainless steel connecting ring
  • Chemically sharpened hook
  • High carbon steel 30% stronger hook
  • Black nickel finish
  • Rigged with strong braid


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