AXIA (HTO) Glide 9cm - Surface Lure

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AXIA Formerly HTO Glide - Surface Lure, 90mm 12.3g - Qty 1

The AXIA Glide is a perfectly balanced "walk the dog" style surface plug/lure. Built with steal bearings for rattles and a gravitational balancing bearing that shifts within a hollow belly chamber to the tail end to aid long casting and moves back into the belly to perfectly balance the lure when fishing. 

These lures have claimed many bass on the surface, as well as pike, perch and many other predatory species who are looking for a snack. Think of a mosquito buzzing around in your room, what do you do...? You wait till it lands on the ceiling, then you SMASH it, well that is exactly what a predator will do; it is much easier when the prey has nowhere to go and is trapped on the "ceiling"/surface, ready for the taking! Give these little lures a try, you will NOT be disappointed, having used them for a season... I wasn't and I could not believe the price tag at under £6 unbelievable!

Can't wait to try the slightly larger and differently designed AXIA Climax, check them out. Also now available in the Smaller Size of 7.5cm and the Micro Glide 5cm.

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