AXIA (HTO) Climax 11.3cm - Surface Lure

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AXIA, formerly HTO Climax - Surface Lure, 113mm, 16.2g - Qty 1

The AXIA Climax is a perfectly balanced "walk the dog" style surface plug/lure. Built with steal bearings for rattles and a gravitational balancing bearing that shifts within a hollow belly chamber to the tail end to aid long casting and moves back into the belly to perfectly balance the lure when fishing. 

After the success of the smaller and slightly different, AXIA Glide I am very excited to introduce the Climax! This lure is a little bigger with slightly more buoyancy than the Glide and offers a slightly different action, sitting higher in the water with the concave "chin" that will pop, splutter and spit water as it goes, perfectly mimicking a bait fish struggling on the surface and inviting in those hungry predators from the depths! 

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