Hooligan Roach 21cm




Hooligan Roach 21cm, 115g  - Qty 1

The Hooligan Roach is a new, super cool soft plastic pike  lure, designed by Ola Rasmusson, the man behind Ola Lures. The Hooligan Roach has a wide profile and perfect, natural rocking motion that has proven extremely effective for big pike. During its first year on the marked it has caught several big pike over 10 kilos in many different types of waters.

The big paddle tail creates a unique motion throughout the bait right down to the nose sending out massive vibrations in the water. Combined with the wide profile, it's really easy for the pike to see it from distance and hone in on the lure as it swims enticingly rolling from side to side in deliberate movements.

The Hooligan Roach is best rigged on a Shallow Screw with a Stinger Rig attached for shallow fishing, or add a BFT Fastach Jika Weight r swap the Shallow Screw for a Screw In Head or other jig heads for deeper fishing. 


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