Headbanger Spitfire 16cm - Topwater Lure

Colour: White
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Headbanger Spitfire 16cm, 54g - Topwater Lure

The Headbanger Spitfire is what you get when you combine our patented invention with the best from wakebaits, propbaits and swimbaits. One outstanding topwater bait that's super effective and a blast to fish! Available in 16 and also the smaller 11cm Spitfire.

The strong transparent Action Lip creates big wakes and splashing motions during normal and fast retrieves, perfect for dirtier water and windy days. The Action Lip also orchestrates the movement in the body, giving it a superior snakelike action at the slowest speeds, great for a more subtle approach in calmer and cleaner water. All this makes the Headbanger Spitfire a crazy versatile topwater bait that can be used in many different conditions.

The Headbanger Spitfire is great for beginners using simple straight retrieves at any speed, but is also a powerful tool for experienced anglers using more advanced retrieves and presentations. This is the one lure you just can’t be without if you’re at all into topwater fishing! Fitted wth 2 x VMC 7548 BN, 1X extra wide gap, X-short inline, no tangling

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