Headbanger RockerHead Stinger For FireTail Lures




Headbanger RockerHead Stinger For FireTail Lures - Qty 1

The awesome new and innovative RockerHead Stingers utilise the unique lip developed by Headbanger for their Original Lures, then converted to various "RockerHead" products including this brand new one. The Stinger harnesses are specifically designed for the 17 and 21cm Headbanger FireTail, but can be used with a large number of soft plastic lures. Designed for normal and slow retrieves, preferably with pauses that often turn the bait 90 degrees to the side, these RockerHeads produce an erratic action those unsuspecting pike and other predatory species would not have seen in soft baits. Take a look at the action this stinger gives to the already active FireTail:

The weighted zinc RockerHead is perfect for the slightly deeper fishing. If needed, the RockerHead is easily replaced with normal weights by placing the weight on the snap, which is then attached to the screw, or easily add some weight with a Fastach Jika Weight or Svartzonker Button

Also available in a lighter, Shallow Stinger in 8g (17cm) an 10g (21cm) for shallower or slower fishing.

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