Headbanger Cranky Shad Slow Sink - 6.4cm




Headbanger Cranky Shad Slow Sink 64mm, 10g. Dive Depth 0.3 - 1.5m unweighted. 

The brand new, HEADBANGER Cranky Shad combines a hard, erratic side-to-side action synonymous with Headbanger Lures. Internal rattles produce a powerful low frequency vibration with the lip moving a lot of water making the Cranky Shad easy for predatory fish to detect.

The Cranky Shad features rattle balls, realistic eyes, as well as internal holographic foils and transparent outer body paint that give the a 3 dimensional depth and a natural look. The unique Headbanger lip is articulated, but also removable with it's Cheb style attachment, so this lure can be turned into a conventional jerk/glide bait and the lip can be attached to other lures. If the lip is turned around, this lure can be fished as a wake bait on the surface, making it a super versatile hard lure. 

This is a great lure for perch, pike and trout, but also for other predators such as pike and zander. A simple, straight retrieve produces amazing swimming action, which can be further enhanced with pauses, twitches and jerks. Suitable for shallow spin fishing, or for targeting pelagic predators. The erratic action also makes it an outstanding trolling lure that can be weighted or down rigged to reach desired depth. 2 x razor sharp VMC 7548 Treble Hooks. 

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