Headbanger Banger Ribs - 8.6cm

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Headbanger Banger Ribs 8.6cm - Qty 5

The Banger Ribs from Headbanger features a curly tail with a paddle on the end that creates movement that transfers right throughout the main body of the lure causing the lure to swim like an injured prey fish. Its hollow "ribcage" soft and easy for fish to inhale as it collapses very easilly whilst still creating a larger profile, giving the angler more confidence in the hook up rate. 

Check out the smaller 6.9cm Banger Ribs Here.

This lure featured strongly on the latest episode of Perch Pro where it caught some great perch for Team Headbanger Lures, put your feet up and take a look in the video:

Fished with the specially designed, patent pending Rocker Head X 4/0 with it's Headbanger trademark lip and a hook with a unique shape that enables you to fish the lure weedless or more like a conventional jig head with the hook protruding. Rigged on the Rocker Head, the lure has an even more erratic action, driving hungry predators crazy. Can also be fished on many other traditional rigs, such as a Jig head, Texas or Carolina Rig, Drop Shot Rig etc. 


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