Hart Manolo Shad - 10cm




Hart Manolo Shad 100mm, 35g - Qty 1

A simple and effective lure mimicking a small shoal of baitfish. Designed in collaboration with the developers Sergio Longas and Rubén Tarazona, the new MANOLO & Co is an innovative lure with it's unique design containing a jig head, fitted with a 12cm Shad and 2 x stiff fluoro arms with screws on the ends, onto which 2 small shads are attached for added attraction. These 2 "arms" also serve as a weed guard, making this a good choice for fishing where there are weeds and snags. The Manolo Shad comes ready to fish, but all lures are removable, so you can fit any 3 lures of your choice to the jig head and screws. Suitable for many fresh and saltwater species, including bass and pike!

Try the larger 12cm Manolo Shad for those bigger fish! 

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