Hardcore Lures Zander Strike 6"

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Hardcore Lures Zander Strike 6" (15cm) Qty 1  

What our customers are saying:

"One of the best zander lures on the market IMO. The paint finish on these lures is second to none. This lure has account for 3 of my biggest zander from Rutland and Grafham over the last 2 years". - Ricky Deering on Jul 23, 2016

Amazing hand poured lures that have accounted for numerous big fish throughout Europe. These lures have to be seen to be believed! 

Zander Strike is a well-balanced pelagic or jig fishing softbait for large Zander and Pike.

The profile and small fins gives the lure an active tail movement, with a unique silhouette.

Sealed colour for long lasting durability.

Have a look at the 7 inch Mermaid Tails and the larger, 8 inch Zander Strike. For the out and out pike fishermen, we now stock the beautiful 16.5cm Pike Strike Jr


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