Gary Yamamoto Senko 3"

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Gary Yamamoto Senko 3" - Qty 10

The Senko became a household worldwide many years ago, as being amongst THE top bass catching lures out! Lately the Europeans have discovered that these straight little unassuming lures are also great for catching perch, zander and pike!! The Yamamoto 3” Fat Senko provides an incredibly versatile, slightly chunkier profile than the original Senko that will have you bagging up on those perch, bass and other predator species. Similar to the traditional Senko, the Yamamoto 4” Fat Senko features a plumped-up stickbait construction that imparts time-tested, subtle Senko action. Incredibly effective weightless, on a Ned Rig, Shakey Head, Neko Rig and much more. The 4” Fat Senko delivers a slightly different look that can be the key to unlocking that bite.


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