Westin Freddy The Frog 18.5cm

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Westin Freddy The Frog - 18.5cm, 46g

Welcome the ICAST 2018 winning (Best Fresh Water Hard Lure) Freddy The Frog. 

This new topwater lure is going to drive pike bass and other predators crazy this summer! With its lifelike, jointed body and multi jointed legs, this wakebait frog has some crazy crawling action to stir up a commotion on the surface and drive predator fish nuts. This awesome lure is fitted with a glass rattle with metal bearings inside to not only visually stimulate the fish but drive them mad with it's rattling sound as the joints and rattles do work to a cacophony of irresistible sounds.

Freddy In Action:

Fitted with one single upward pointing hook and a treble on the belly, with an additional eyelet further back for change of hook position. This lure will demonstrate a great hook up ratios, but for snaggy conditions you can remove the treble making it more weedless. Try a simple cast and retrieve action for great results, or jerk it and pop on the surface to really stir things up. 

  • ABS Plastic material
  • Japanese carbon steel hooks
  • 1/0 Belly treble hook
  • 9cm/3.5" body 18.5cm/7.25" total length
  • Ultrasonic  glass rattle inside
  • Superb hand painted detail


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