Fox Rage Ti Pro Harness Weighted Stinger - Double

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Fox Rage Ti Pro Harness Weighted Stinger Double - Qty 1

These weighted stinger rigs are perfect for a range of soft lures including the Fox Pro Grub 23cm, Westin ShadTeez 19 - 27cm, Strike Pro Pig Shad 20cm, Strike Pro Giant Pig Tail 40cm (photographed lure not included) and many more. Remember with a curly tail lure, the body length is significantly less than the total length as the tail makes up a large part.

The Ti Pro harnesses deliver high quality, belly weighted rigging options for your lure fishing. For more weight, the screw included can be removed and replaced with a Screw In Head such as the Fox Rage Corkscrew Bullet Or Round Head. Lure Not Included.


  • High-quality construction from top grade components
  • 35kg titanium wire
  • Attaches to lure via corkscrew system
  • Inline belly weight
  • 2 x super sharp trebles
  • 3 x Barbed spikes to secure to lure


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