Fox Rage Strike Point Glass Lure Rattles - 5 Pack

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Fox Rage Strike Point Glass Lure Rattles - Qty 5 

The Fox Rage Glass Lure Rattles with 3 x stainless steel ball bearings enable the angler to add a highly attractive, audible rattlling attraction to your soft lure fishing. A clear glass cylinder has a chamber which houses the 3 ball bearings. As the lure is worked through the water the bearings move around in the chamber creating a loud rattle or ticking sound attracting predators even if they can’t see it, allowing them to home in on it for the final attack. These rattles come in a handy foam insert, preventing them from breaking in your lure box.

The cylinder is tapered at one end to allow it to be inserted easier into the body of a soft plastic lure. Top tip... create a "pilot hole" with a large hook for easier and precise insertion and ensure the rattle is fully inserted so it cannot all our or break. 


  • Glass cylinder for higher vibration
  • Tapered for easy insertion
  • 3 x Stainless Steel ball bearings
  • Handy foam pack for protection

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